Public Works

The mission of the Public Works Department is to provide citizens of Hopkinsville effective and professional services that will enhance their quality of life through clean and well maintained city streets and right-of-ways; well maintained city parks, facilities and cemeteries; diverse community wide recreational opportunities; and a thoroughly maintained fleet of vehicles and equipment.

Department Directory

Public Works Director/Engineer       (270) 890-0601    
        (270) 890-0600    
Public Works Executive Secretary   Kerri Stewart   (270) 890-0700   email
Street Division Superintendent   Terry Rudd   (270) 890-0701   email
Service Center Superintendent   Greg Harper   (270) 890-0708         email
City Grounds Maintenance Superintendent   Mike Perry   (270) 890-0709   email
Riverside Cemetery       (270) 887-4071    
Cave Springs Cemetery       (270) 887-4070    
Parks and Recreation Division Superintendent
      (270) 887-4290